5 Tried and True Design Devices for Logo Designers

Thanks to Bill Gardner and LogoLounge and judges Aaron Draplin (Draplin Design Co.), Von Glitschka (Glitschka Studios) Su Mathews Hale (Lippincott), Andreas Karl  (Karl Design) Chad Michael (Chad Michael Studio), Emily Oberman (Pentagram), Yo Santosa (Ferroconcrete) Felix Sockwell, Alex Tass, and Alex Trochut for all their insights and opinions into the logo design trends and insights […]

What’s Wrong with This Picture? Designing a Logo with an Online Service

A memorable and effective logo design is like the ballet: It looks easy, but it represents thousands of hours of hard work and sweat, research and thought, plus an occasional dose of frustration, distilled into a tiny beautiful moment. Within the field of graphic design, logo design is a subspecialty that commands high prices, and […]

Should You Design Your Own Logo?

DEADLINE: OCTOBER 31You’re a designer, so everything you design—not just what’s in your portfolio—is an example of your work.When your prospects and clients go to your website or online portfolio to look at your work,they will certainly assume that you’re the creative behind your logo design.So how could you not design your own logo?All of […]

10 Essential Poster Design Tips

Laying deep inside the creative brain, poster making ideas are sometimes hard to unhatch. Former Target creative director and poster maker extraordinaire, Allan Peters, tells us his top 10 tips for ideation and creation.My name is Allan Peters. I went to art college because I wanted to draw every day for living. I didn’t want to […]

15 Kick Butt Photos of Storms

Photos of storms can be about the most atmospheric and gripping of any landscape photography. In fact some people make storm photography and chasing storms their photographic specialty, following weather and forecast reports like hawks. We’re sure you will agree that the images of storms that they produce are well worth the specialisation with spectacular […]

Photo Of The Week And More – Here’s What’s Happening On The Forums

So here is the wrap! If you are a new member make sure you introduce yourself to us. And we are sure that all the wonderful information here on Light Stalking and all the helpful and talented photographers on the forum will ensure you become the photographer that you want to be. Today we bring […]

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