Should You Design Your Own Logo?

DEADLINE: OCTOBER 31You’re a designer, so everything you design—not just what’s in your portfolio—is an example of your work.When your prospects and clients go to your website or online portfolio to look at your work,they will certainly assume that you’re the creative behind your logo design.So how could you not design your own logo?All of […]

5 Vintage Design Styles Every Designer Should Know

Learn about the 5 must-know vintage design styles so you can reinvent them for contemporary projects. Discover Bauhaus, MCM, and more. The post 5 Vintage Design Styles Every Designer Should Know appeared first on The Shutterstock Blog. ]]> View the original article here

Why Instagram Should Hide Follower Counts and Why It Never Will

Instagram appears to be in the process of rolling out a surprising change to its platform: hiding the number of times that a post has been liked. While the internet giant claims that it’s making the change in to help us focus on the thing we love, the truth is different. If it really wants […]

Why Photographers and Filmmakers Should Not Follow the Advice of Many Books or Lectures on Business

There is an abundance of books on making business. They cover a lot of ground, mostly emphasizing marketing and selling, especially the latter. How practical is their advice to you as an artist? [ Read More ] ]]> View the original article here

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